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100% Satisfaction guaranteed - No Questions asked !
Our commitment is to send you healthy, vigorous products, according to your expectations.

Applicable up to one (1) year
If you are not completely satisfied, please advise us in writing, within one (1) year from the date that you received the product, taking care to include your original invoice.
• We will quickly replace the product, if still available.
• If no longer available, we will reimburse the amount that you paid for the product.

Potato seeds, garlic and onion bulbs if results are not satisfactory after 4-6 weeks of planting, please write to us within tree (3) months from the date that you received the product.

Please note - In order for our guarantee to be respected, you must choose perennial flower seeds with a hardiness zone that is equal or inferior to yours.
Your hardiness zone is indicated on the back cover of our printed catalogue, to the right of your name and address, or see our Hardiness zone section for more information

All seeds supplied by us meet or exceed Canada No. 1 standards.
As well, we have our own seed testing laboratory on our premises, to ensure that all seeds shipped to you are of the highest quality.

However, success in gardening depends mostly on conditions that are out of our control. If you gave all the necessary care but are not satisfied with the results, please write to us within one (1) year from the date that you received the product.