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Climbing Bittersweet

Climbing Bittersweet


Celastrus scandens
«Les Semences Marie-Victorin» suggests a collection of heritage and native plant seeds that will entice the amateurs for the products of our horticultural heritage.
The Celastrus scandens is a native climbing plant whose red and yellow fruits offer a colourful show in autumn. In the garden, it is a wonderful addition to fences, trellises, and pergola.
June and July
Sun, Half-shade
3 m
2 - 8 m
Bring water to a boil for 5 minutes. Pour over seeds and let soak for 24 hours. Mix seeds with an equal amount of damp sand or vermiculite. Place the mixture in a sealed plastic bag. Store the bag in a refrigerator or cool storage room for 90 days. Sow seeds when there is no risk of ground frost. Or plant the seeds outdoors during the fall. Germination will occur the following spring or later on.
15 s/p