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French Breakfast

French Breakfast


Raphanus sativus
An early radish with an elongated shape and white tip. A delicate taste that will please connaisseurs.
Red white tip
PLANTING TIME: Sowing may be done early in the spring, with successive ones every week afterwards. Prefers cooler temperatures. SOIL: Ideal growing temperature is from 10 to 18⁰ C in a good, fertile soil. SPACING: Sow in rows spaced 45 to 50 cm apart and cleared 2.5 to 5 cm apart. GROWING TIPS: Keep moist. The faster they grow, the better the taste. Semi-shade. Radishes may be sown in wide rows (2 or 3 rows planted together). May also be sown with slower growing vegetables to mark rows. HARVESTING: When they have reached the size you wish. However, do not let them grow too large as this will affect the taste (tough or woody).
300 s/p
beet, carrot, curly chicory, pumpkin, cucumber, squash, watercress, endive, beans, peas, lettuce, mint, parsley, onion
chervil, potato, turnip