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Rover F1

Rover F1


Raphanus sativus
Rover offers constant performance and yield all season long. It can be grown in cooler temperatures in the beginning or at the end of the season as well as in the middle of summer, without losing quality. Nice vibrant red globes.
Bright red
PLANTING TIME: Sowing may be done early in the spring, with successive ones every week afterwards. Prefers cooler temperatures. SOIL: Ideal growing temperature is from 10 to 18⁰ C in a good, fertile soil. SPACING: Sow in rows spaced 45 to 50 cm apart and cleared 2.5 to 5 cm apart. GROWING TIPS: Keep moist. The faster they grow, the better the taste. Semi-shade. Radishes may be sown in wide rows (2 or 3 rows planted together). May also be sown with slower growing vegetables to mark rows. HARVESTING: When they have reached the size you wish. However, do not let them grow too large as this will affect the taste (tough or woody).
300 s/p
beet, carrot, curly chicory, pumpkin, cucumber, squash, watercress, endive, beans, peas, lettuce, mint, parsley, onion
chervil, potato, turnip