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Small Sugar


Cucurbita pepo
Small orange pumpkin with a sweet flesh, very popular to bake pies or in preserves.
15 x 18
2,5-3 Kg
CULTURAL PRACTICES: Plant when all risk of frost has passed and the soil is warm. SOIL: A nice, fertile soil and adequate moisture are necessary. Protect from the wind. SPACING: Plant 4 to 5 seeds 2.5 cm deep in hills 2 m apart. Thin out seedlings leaving 2 to 3 plants. GROWING TIPS: Pumpkins need generous amounts of organic matter in the soil. Watering should be slow and deep. HARVEST: Harvest when the colour of the pumpkin is dark orange. Storage should be in a cool dry place. What would autumn be without the presence of pumpkins in the garden! And what a treat is pumpkin pie! Seeds make the ideal nutritious snack. And of course, pumpkins are also for Halloween. The cooked flesh is used for preserves and for freezing. Rich in vitamin A.
50 s/p
bean, corn, radish, mint, marjoram
potatoes, cabbage