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Bilko Y.R. F1

Bilko Y.R. F1


Oriental vegetables
Brassica rapa
A large and heavy light green cabbage. It can weigh up to 2.5 kg.
Light green
Typical Oriental varieties that have the texture and appearance of spinach. Plants reach 10 to 25 cm in height. Deep green colour, very rich in vitamins. Thick oval to elongated leaves. Varieties offered have a compact to ultra-compact rapid growth habit. Ideal for limited spaces. The leaves and stems are edible. Can be steamed or cooked in a wok. Best for Chinese cooking preparations and vegetarian meals. They enhance the quality of your meals. Sow in May in a rich soil at 1 cm in depth. Space at 15 to 20 cm in all directions after full plant growth.
50 s/p