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Apollo F1

Apollo F1

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Broccoli mini / Brocolini
Brassica oleracea cauliflora
Also called the asparagus-broccoli, broccolini has the appearance of a broccoli without the head. Harvest the main floret first, and then the abundant sweet and tender side shoots. One more way to healthy cooking.
PLANTING TIME: Can be started indoors 4 to 5 weeks before the last frost or sown directly in the garden at the beginning of May. It is essential to rotate your crops to prevent diseases. SOIL: Prepare the garden soil. It should be loose and hold moisture well. Uses the same type of soil, as cabbage but requires more watering because of its rapid development. SPACING: When transplanting or clearing, leave 30 to 45 cm between the plants and 45 to 60 cm between the rows, depending on the chosen types. GROWING TIPS: Use a nitrogen fertilizer. Keep well watered. HARVEST: Heads should be firm and tight. At this point, cut down on stalk to encourage side shoots of smaller heads for an extended harvest.
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dill, beet, cucumber, pickle, mint, oregano, rosemary, thyme
lettuce, strawberry, tomato