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Purple Ball

Purple Ball


Occimum basilicum
Basil, fresh or dried, is valuable for seasoning salads, stews, soups, all kinds of tomato dishes, etc. As well, the plant deters pests, such as aphids and asparagus beetles, from the garden and, when planted close to tomatoes, it actually improves their taste! CULTURE: Sow inside in March or April. Transplant by the end of May.
Unique basil with a spherical shape, compact and bushy, that will grow 30 cm high. A bushy plant that fills itself with small dark purplish-purple leaves and no less purple tubular flowers. An original variety to grow in the kitchen or in the garden. 2018 Les Exceptionnelles Programm Winner
25-30 cm
30 cm
CULTURE: Sow inside in March or April. Transplant in the garden at the end of May. Loves the heat. Flavourful, aromatic leaves. Can be kept frozen or dried.
100 s/p
ground cherry, okra, pepper, tomato