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Creme Brulee F1

Creme Brulee F1

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Echalion (Seeds)
First ever echalion to become an All America Selection Winner. An echalion is a cross between an onion and a French shallot, offering the perfect combination of yield and flavour. Easy to grow and delicious to cook and taste.
CULTURAL PRACTICES: For a summer harvest, sow them in March and transplant them into the garden in May. For a fall harvest, sow them directly in the garden as soon as the ground can be properly worked. SOIL: Indoor: A well-drained, porous sowing media is best to prevent overwatering. A rich and fertile soil of mineral or organic matter. Soil must be kept moist but not wet. SPACING: Space rows 35 to 38 cm apart. For larger bulbs, clear the plants 7 to 8 cm apart Thinned plants taste great in a salad. GROWING TIPS: Applying a fertilizer is recommended and should be repeated when the bulbs begin to swell. HARVESTING: Storage onions: when the onion tops begin to fall over, turn brown and wither. Drying may be accelerated by bending down some of the tops. Pick the onions then place them in a warm, dry, ventilated area to preserve. When dried, store the onions in a cool, dry location.
100 s/p
beet, cabbage, strawberry, lettuce, potato
chives, beans, peas, soybeans, tomatoes