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Common rush

Common rush

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Juncus effusus
«Les Semences Marie-Victorin» suggests a collection of native plant seeds that will entice the amateurs for the products of our horticultural heritage.
The Juncus effusus is a slender grass that beautifully decorates the edges of bodies of water. Traditionally, it was used to make many basketry objects. In a garden, it is both pretty and useful for wildlife.
June to August
60 cm
45 - 65 cm
moist or water soaked
Mix seeds with an equal amount of damp sand or vermiculite. Place the mixture in a sealed plastic bag. Store the bag in a refrigerator or cool storage room for 30 to 90 days. Sow seeds when there is no risk of ground frost. Sow seeds on the surface without covering after sowing. These seeds are very small and need light to germinate. Seeds can be mixed with fine sand or talcum for a uniform sowing.
1000 s/p