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Growlight Garden


Growlight Garden
The Growlight Garden is the perfect tool for those who like to grow shoots, fresh greens or to start seedlings indoors! The compact size and shape of this garden unit is ideal for a table or kitchen countertop. The sturdy recycled plastic base acts as a water tank. In its tray, an absorbent cloth covered stand draws the water up to the seedlings by capillarity. It includes four (4) reusable segmented trays for planting. Also, two (2) SunBlaster 6400 Kelvin T5HO fluorescent tubes are inserted in the curved reflective hood, flooding the growing area in full spectrum light. This system uses 20% less electricity than a traditional lighting system. The hood's height is adjustable so, once the seedlings sprout, you can lower it to about 4'' from the top of the plants allowing them to grow bushy, strong, and compact. . All the components are made of 100% recycled plastic and complete instructions are included. Dimension 24'' width x 14'' depth x17'' height.
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