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Silky Oak

Silky Oak


Silky Oak
Grevillea robusta
Grevillea, also known as Silky Oak, is adapted as a low growing houseplant. Plant in a medium to large container and place in a sunny, well-lit window with plenty of air circulation. Grevillea is very drought tolerant, check your soil moisture regularly to make sure you don’t overwater. Prune after flowering and feed with a low phosphorus granular fertilizer in the spring. If you’re looking for a great houseplant, this is the one for you.
sun, half-shade
Green foliage
houseplant, containers
CULTURAL PRACTICES: Fill your tray with a regular sowing soil. Place the seeds on the soil, water and cover with a thin layer of soil. Cover your tray with a plastic dome to allow for a constant humid environment. The ideal temperature for your seedlings is +/- 23 degrees. SOIL: Sowing: regular sowing soil. Transplantation: interior soil. GROWING TIPS: The germination process takes approximately 4 weeks. At the ''plant stage'‘, it must be kept dry in the evening, avoid watering at the end of the day and water in the morning. Plan from 8 to 9 weeks for a plant to be ready for transplantation.
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