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Split-Leaf Philodendron

Split-Leaf Philodendron


Split-Leaf Philodendron
Monstera deliciosa
Monstera deliciosa, a liana native to tropical rain forests. Popular in the 1970s as a houseplant, it’s back to trend again. Terribly popular for those huge, deeply lobed, perforated leaves. With its stems covered with aerial roots, its vigour and abundance you will create a “jungle effect” by excellence. Be careful, this one dreads excess water. The best place to set up your monstera may be near a window, but without direct sunlight. Wonderful houseplants, but also one of the hardiest and therefore easy to grow.
Green foliage
houseplant, containers
CULTURAL PRACTICES: Fill your tray with a regular sowing soil. Place the seeds on the soil and water, cover the seeds of a thin layer of soil and water a second time. Cover your tray with a plastic dome to promote a constant humid environment. The ideal temperature for your seedlings is +/- 23 degrees. SOIL: Sowing: regular sowing soil. Transplantation: interior soil. GROWING TIPS: The germination process takes about 15 days. At the ''plant'' stage, it must be kept dry in the evening, avoid watering at the end of the day, and water in the morning. Plan 10 to 13 weeks for a plant to be ready for transplantation.
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