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Beans - Shell
Phaseolus vulgaris
Teggia is a beautiful red and cream shell bean, 17 cm to 20 cm long pods. It can be picked early as a fresh shell bean, like a lima bean, or left to ripen and dry on the plant to make a supply of beautiful dried beans. Fresh beans have a delicious buttery flavour. Teggia grows on a bushy plant, free of currents and is easier to grow in northern regions than lima beans.
Cream and red
CULTURAL PRACTICES: Sow when all danger of frost has passed, as the seed is tender. Start around mid-May until the end of July. SOIL: Beans require a soil temperature of at least 18⁰ C but no more than 24⁰ C. Poor germination will occur if planted too early or if the soil is too wet. The beans prefer a light, well-drained soil. SPACING: Space seeds 5 to 8 cm apart in rows 50 cm apart. Sow every two weeks until July for a continuous harvest. All our Bush Bean varieties are string less. GROWING TIPS: Keep well fertilized but do not allow seeds to touch concentrated fertilizer. An excess of nitrogen will cause too much foliage and fewer pods. Full sun is needed. Keep surface of soil moist until the beans start showing. HARVESTING: These beans are picked when plants are very dry and beans sound in the pods. Dry beans are used for soups or baked beans. Great for winter use, as they are easy to freeze or to can.
50 s/p
artichoke, eggplant, Swiss chard, borage, carrot, cauliflower, cabbage, pumpkin, squash, strawberry, corn, tomato
garlic, beet, chives, shallot, fennel, onion, parsley, leek, potato, tomato