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Dragon F1

Dragon  F1

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Foeniculium vulgare
Dragon is a very round fennel, of medium to fast growth, very slow to bolt. With a dwarf habit and excellent resistance to heat and yellowing, Dragon can be grown in almost all conditions. Spread your sowings through late spring and into summer and you will harvest your own homegrown fennel bulbs right through to autumn.
Grown for its bulb, its taste resembles that of dill. Prefers cool growing conditions. Sow indoors in peat pots. Harden plants before planting outdoors. Transplant after the last frost. Easy to grow.
80 s/p
garlic, celery, cucumber, turnip, onion, leek
wormwood, ground cherry, curly chicory, coriander, zucchini, spinach, beans, parsnip, hot pepper, pepper, peas, tomato