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Russian Red Hardneck Garlic

Russian Red Hardneck Garlic


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Garlic - Fall
Allium cepa
Due to the sensitivity of the products, climatic variations and complexity of transport operations, W.H. Perron informs you that unfortunately, the products of this order form will no longer be shipped to these regions: Newfoundland and Labrador / P.E. I. / Quebec J0M / Alberta / Saskatchewan / Manitoba / Nunavut / Yukon / N.W.T and British Columbia, in the regions with postal codes starting with: A / C / J0M/ R/ S/ T/ V/ X/ Y. Quebec (except J0M), Ontario, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia shipping end of April.
Heirloom variety, harvest in late summer, large purple stripe clove (6 to 8 per bulb) with a hard neck, strong spicy cloves. Store well, until the middle of winter. Rustic, it does well in northern regions. 3 buls/pkg. Delivery from mid-September 2020.
CULTURE: Follow the same guidelines as for onions, because garlic is grown much the same way. Plant early in the fall. Barely cover the cloves leaving 10 cm between each.
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