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Try Our 6 Varieties Of Sprouts

Try Our 6 Varieties Of Sprouts


Collection Sprouts and Micro greens
The BIOSTA garden contains one (1) seeder and six (6) varieties of seeds. It is very easy to grow sprouts and microgreens in your own kitchen. You will harvest microgreens in as little as 72 hours. They are very healthy, economic and a fun educational tool for kids. Make a selection of seed varieties and discover different tastes, flavors and colours. Make your salads, sandwiches and other meals healthier and more appealing by including sprouts and microgreens of alfalfa, lentil, red cabbage, daikon radish or our Energy Mix. They are excellent sources of proteins, amino acid, iron and vitamins. They can be eaten raw and ideal in homemade juices. Made of resistant plastic, the seeder contains 3 germination levels. Weight: 900 grams (2 lb) Diameter: 20 cm (8 inches) Height: 16.25 cm (6.5 in).
6 Varieties Of Sprouts