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Edible Flowers

Edible Flowers

This product is no longer available this season.


Collection annual flower
Edible flowers are popular. They are not only nice in the garden or patio containers, but also pretty to serve and eat. Harvest and use fresh in salads, with desserts like creams, vegetables or fish or keep them in oil. Collection consists of 1 packet each of Anise Hyssop Fragrant Delight (petals), Nasturtium Jewel Mixture (petals and flowers), Pinks Diana MIx Picoté (remove the white part retaining the petals) 1 packet of Sunflower Ring of Fire (flower buttons, petals, seeds), Viola mixture (petals, flowers). Other edible flowers seen on the picture: echinacea, hollyhock, lavender and begonia.
June to September
cut flower, flower bed, containers