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Hyb. Tidal Wave® Red Velour

This product is no longer available this season.


Petunia - Trailing
Petunia x hybrida
Tidal Wave petunias are the tallest of the Wave family and bloom over and over all season long and recover quickly, even after hard rains. Tidal Wave is an excellent landscape performer, covering a large area quickly and beautifully. In 2020 we celebrate the 25th anniversary of an inspiring series the Petunia Shock Wave®, Easy Wave®, Wave® and Tidal Wave®. Pelleted seed
2015 AAS Winner Tidal Wave Velour Red shows gorgeous deep red velvety blooms that don’t fade, even in the heat of summer. Large flowers literally cover the vigorously spreading plants that rarely need deadheading because new blooms continuously pop up and cover the old, spent blooms. A perfect solution for the time-crunched gardener or anyone looking for petunias that are carefree.
Tidal Wave® Hyb. series
June to September
sun, half-shade
76-152 cm
30-61 cm
41-56 cm
flower bed, ground cover, border
20 s/p