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American Dream F1

American Dream F1


Sweet corn - bicolor
Zea mays
There is a good reason why AAS Judges selected American Dream as their top trial choice! With its excellent germination, very tender, super-sweet kernels, this newbie will make a great addition to the home garden. American Dream produces vigorous, healthy plants with cobs that have good tip fill of bicoloured kernels. Perfect fresh, roasted, grilled, canned or frozen. Needs to be isolated from other sweet corn.
SH2 extra sweet (isolation required)
CULTURAL PRACTICES: Sweet corn requires full sun exposure, a rich soil and heat. Sowing should be done between mid-May and mid-June. SPACING: Sweet corn seeds are sown at a distance of 25 centimetres and at a depth of 1 to 3 centimetres depending on the size of the seed. Spacing between rows is 90 centimetres. The growth of seedlings may be earlier in a light, hot and rocky soil. Sowing has to be done later in cold and humid soils, such as clay. In order to have nice ears, it is preferable to plant six (6) small rows rather than one long one.
85 s/p
pumpkin, squash, pod bean, bush bean, soybean, parsley, climbing peas
Swiss chard, beetroot, ground cherry, mint, rosemary, tomato