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Hyb. Mad Hatter

Hyb. Mad Hatter

This product is no longer available this season.


Sweet Pepper - Mini
Capsicum annuum
Intriguing small flattened-disc shape pepper with lobes or wings. Mad Hatter is crunchy, crisp and mild. Ideal for eating at mature green or ripe red stage. A large indeterminate plant that will benefit from a support or a trellis.
Green / red
5-9 x 5-6
CULTURAL PRACTICES: Start the seedlings indoors in hot beds or greenhouses. Plant them in pots when the seedlings have two pairs of true leaves. Do not plant out until all risk of frost has passed and nights are warm (over 12-13⁰ C) or the flowers will drop. SOIL: Moderately deep, fertile, well-drained soil with medium nitrogen levels. SPACING: Sow approximately 30-45 cm apart in rows 60 cm apart. GROWING TIPS: Stake for the cultivars over 60 cm tall. Plant in a sunny location and water them regularly. Apply a balanced fertilizer once a month. HARVESTING: Peppers are best harvested when green; others may be left to turn red or yellow. Cut the stalk about 2.5 cm from the fruit. Once picked, keep the fruit in a cool area.
30 s/p
basil, carrot, marjoram, onion, oregano
chive, fennel, kohlrabi, okra, tomato