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Ace F1

Ace F1


Watermelon pollinator
Citrullus lanatus
This variety was developed as a non-harvest pollinator for seedless watermelon. It produces long, thin, very sturdy vines with small leaves. The plant habit is ideal as it brings the pollinator into close proximity with the seedless melon. It blooms profusely, thus providing an abundance of pollen that will ensure a good harvest. P.S. In order to insure a good pollination, it is essential to plant in your garden one plant of pollinator Ace for every two seedless watermelon plants.
CULTURAL PRACTICES: Start seeds indoors in early spring. After about 6 weeks and when all risk of frost has passed, the seedlings should be hardened off and planted in the garden. SOIL: Melons need a well-drained, fertile soil with a pH of 6.5 to 7, high humus content and a high level of nitrogen. SPACING: Plant each seedling in slight mounds spaced 1 meter apart with 1 to 1.5 meters between rows. Make sure to protect young plants from wind and cold weather with cloches or plastic tunnels until they are well established. GROWING TIPS: Soil should be rich in organic matter and kept moist. Choose a warm site in full sun. Pinch end of stems for faster ripening. HARVESTING: Cantaloupe and muskmelon are sweet smelling when mature and fruit stalks crack.
5 s/p
bush bean, corn, marjoram, okra
potato, Swiss chard