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Mesclun Mix Improved

Mesclun Mix Improved


Mesclun Lettuce
Lactuca sativa
This European approach to growing salad greens offers you a choice mix of the best sweet lettuces and tangy, tender greens in just the right proportions. Gather leaves when young for delectable flavour!
PLANTING TIME: Lettuce is the first crop of spring. Good resistance to cold allows it to be sown as soon as the earth can be worked. For an early harvest, sow in a cold or hot bed and transplant directly in May. Germination will be quicker and more uniform if the temperature is between 10 and 15⁰ C. SOIL: A rich, well-drained soil is best. SPACING: For the main harvest, sow directly in rows spaced 40 to 45 cm apart. Leave 20-25 cm between plants according to their varieties. GROWING TIPS: It is helpful to add fertilizer high in nitrogen, decomposed manure or compost to the soil. Full sun. Needs constant moisture. To reduce weeds and keep soil cool, mulch it. HARVESTING: Pick lettuce early in the morning. Firmness is an indication of readiness.
600 s/p
garlic, artichoke, beet, chervil, curly chicory, cabbage, kohlrabi, cucumber, shallot, strawberry, onion, turnip, parsnip, peas, radish, salsify
celery, celery, endive, parsley