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Chantenay Long

Chantenay Long


Carrot - Chantenay
Daucus carota
This variety is very appreciated by customers seeking a Chantenay type carrot that is a tender, crisp, sweet and that keeps all winter long.
Bright, Medium Heart
40-45 cm
23-25 cm
PLANTING TIME: Sow at the beginning of May for an early crop, in mid-June for a fall crop and even at the beginning of July for young, tender carrots at the end of the season. SOIL: Carrots prefer fairly rich, deeply worked, stone-free soil with even moisture. Shorter varieties are suitable for shallow or heavy soil; the longer types need deeper soil. SPACING: Sow 6 mm deep, in rows 40 cm apart. Space carrots to 5 cm. Sow seeds thinly, cover with soil. Hill the soil well up around the plants to prevent burning of the plants. GROWING TIPS: Keep soil moist for good formation of the root. Plant in full sun or light shade. Light feeders. Hoe the soil over any exposed root crowns to prevent greening. HARVEST: Root shapes may vary significantly under different environments and growing conditions. Lift carrots when their size is in accordance to the variety and when they have a good orange colour. Baby carrots should be picked at the young stage or they will continue to grow. Can be kept in cool storage.
1000 s/p
absinthe, bean, chicory, chives, coriander, endive, ground cherry, leek, onion, pea, pepper, radish, rosemary, sage, salsify, shallot, tomato
beet, dill, garlic, mint, parsley