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Caracas F1

Caracas F1


Carrot - Mini
Daucus carota
Here is a little Chantenay that will bring fun and taste to all your meals. This little conical carrot is sweet, firm and is delicious either raw or cooked. Harvest when the roots reach 10 to 12 cm in length.
Dark Core
30 cm
10-12 cm
PLANTING TIME: Sow at the beginning of May for an early crop, in mid-June for a fall crop and even at the beginning of July for young, tender carrots at the end of the season. SOIL: Carrots prefer fairly rich, deeply worked, stone-free soil with even moisture. Shorter varieties are suitable for shallow or heavy soil; the longer types need deeper soil. SPACING: Sow 6 mm deep, in rows 40 cm apart. Space carrots to 5 cm. Sow seeds thinly, cover with soil. Hill the soil well up around the plants to prevent burning of the plants. GROWING TIPS: Keep soil moist for good formation of the root. Plant in full sun or light shade. Light feeders. Hoe the soil over any exposed root crowns to prevent greening. HARVEST: Root shapes may vary significantly under different environments and growing conditions. Lift carrots when their size is in accordance to the variety and when they have a good orange colour. Baby carrots should be picked at the young stage or they will continue to grow. Can be kept in cool storage.
1000 s/p
wormwood, ground cherry, curly chicory, chives, shallot, endive, bean, onion, hot pepper, bell pepper, leek, peas, coriander, sage, rosemary, radish, salsify, sage, tomato
beet, dill, garlic, mint, parsley