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Butterfly feeder

Butterfly feeder


Butterfly feeder
Butterfly nectar recipe Ingredients: 10 Tbsp. water (150 ml.) 3 Tbsp. honey (45 ml.) 3 Tbsp. sugar ½ Tbsp. salt Put all the ingredients in a bottle, close the bottle and shake vigorously until sugar is well dissolved in the liquid.
Butterflies react favourably to yellow colour and flower shaped objects. The feeder is equipped with an ant proof device and have wicks that draw in the nectar in order for the butterflies can feed themselves and cavities that can be used for the jelly, pieces of banana or ripe fruit pieces. The bright yellow polycarbonate feeder is dishwasher safe and the top part can be removed for cleaning. 7'' diameter x 8,9'' H Capacity : 9 oz
1 feeder