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Veronica Y.R. (Romanesco) F1

Veronica Y.R. (Romanesco) F1


Brassica oleracea botrytis
Romanesco type. Lime green pointed heads that show a nice uniformity. An interesting and unusual vegetable to grow.
CULTURAL PRACTICES: Cauliflower does very well in cool weather and it will be affected by the weather more than other vegetables. Sow in a greenhouse from February 1st to mid-March for early crops. In this case, young seedlings will need to be hardened off. Or, you can also sow directly in the garden as soon as the soil can be worked. For a fall crop, sow outdoors between the beginning and the middle of June. SOIL: Fertile soil with an abundant supply of moisture. SPACING: Sow the seeds thinly about 6 to 13 mm deep. When the seedlings are about 10 cm high, thin them out to 45 to 50 cm apart in rows of 60 to 90 cm apart. GROWING TIPS: Apply boron, as a foliage spray, on small plants. Plants require moisture and full sun with light shade. HARVEST: To prevent sunburn on the plant, tie the leaves over the centre of the head. Pick when firm and the size is as required.
20 s/p
dill, borage, beet, bean, marjoram, mint, oregano, potato, rosemary, thyme, sage
chives, strawberries, savory, tomato