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Reaction Y.R. F1

Reaction Y.R. F1


Cabbage - Winter
Brassica oleracea
A mini winter cabbage that can easily keep for 6 months in a cold storage. Add vitamins to your winter meals. In order to get a nice and firm 500 to 700 g head, reduce the spacing in the row between plants to 20 cm and use a fertilizer without nitrogen.
0,5-2,5 Kg
CULTURAL PRACTICES: Necessitates crop rotation. Cabbage grows well in cool weather. Sow directly in the garden in the end of May only or start your seedling indoors 4 to 5 weeks before the last frost. If the seedlings are hardened off before transplanting, they will withstand a mild frost. SOIL: Fertile, well irrigated, humus-rich loams with a pH of 6.0 to 6.5. SPACING: Sow seeds 6 mm deep and as thinly as possible. Thin the seedlings to 30 to 45 cm apart, in rows 61 cm apart. GROWING TIPS: Plants require moisture especially after transplanting or during dry spells. Plant in full sun to light shade. HARVEST: Better conservation if harvested towards the end of October, or just prior to a major frost. Harvest when the heads are firm. Store in a cold storage room.
25 s/p
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