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Bella Luna White F1

Bella Luna White F1


Japanese Turnip
Brassica napus
Shiny, pure white, Japanese turnip that can be harvested at a small size or it can hold until medium size (3.5 to 6 cm). Very good flavor, even if eaten raw.
CULTURAL PRACTICES: Crop rotation is a must. Turnips grow well under cool conditions. A first planting can be done from April 15th to May 15th. Sow in July or August for a 2nd harvest in the fall. Turn the soil carefully. SPACING: Clear plants 8 cm apart on rows spaced at least 30 to 45 cm apart. HARVEST: To enhances their sweetness harvest then after the first frost. Store as you would potatoes.
275 s/p
dill, spinach, endive, bean, fennel, strawberry, lettuce, lamb's lettuce, mint, rosemary, tomato
garlic, onion, radish