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Albion strawberry

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Nothing is easier than growing your own strawberries with these large plugs ! In the garden, on a balcony bag, hanging basket or patio pot, these strawberry plants grow faster. The floral initiation period is done in the fall and then the plants are kept in cold storage until planting at spring. The day neutral Albion variety produces fruit until September contrary to short day varieties that give a concentrated production for three weeks. Each plant can bear up to 30 flowers! The firm fruits are bright red, sweet, tasty and have a high level of antioxidant properties which is beneficial for your health. Albion is a well know variety also used by field growers.
May to September
25-30 cm
edible plant, flower box / pot, hanging plant, patio container plant
Plant as soon as possible after receipt since the plants are in growth period. If you cannot plant them quickly, keep them at 5°C. To produce large fruits, plants should not miss water during flowering period. Time from planting to flowering: 5-6 weeks Time from flowering to fruits: 5-6 weeks Total time to get fruits : 10-12 weeks Fertilizer: Fertilize regularly as you do for your annual flowers plants. Note: The flowering will be continuous but can decrease on very warm weather conditions.
5 mottes /p
bean, borage, chives, corn salad, cress, endive, garlic, lettuce, leek, onion, sage, shallot, spinach, thyme, tomato, turnip
broccoli, cabbage, Brussels sprout, cauliflower