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Kafir Lime


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Kafir Lime
Citrus hystrix
Fruits taste much better when picked directly from the tree. Homegrown fruits are free of pesticides, chemical fertilizers and other substances found in store-sold fruits. A sunny location, some techniques and tender-loving-care are all you need to harvest these healthy and delicious fruits. These fruit trees are handsome house plants with lush green foliage or fragrant, beautiful flowers. They can be grown indoors year-round, or outside on a balcony or patio, when the temperature is above 10 degrees Celsius. They prefer moist, well-drained soil.
Kaffir lime is a small shrub with decorative rosy white fragrant flowers. The leaves are easily recognizable because petioles are as large as the leaf blades. The flowers are produced mainly in spring and if they are pollinated, they give a fruit looking as a lemon with a warty skin. The leaves and fruit are aromatic, rich in essential oils. The leaves have a spicy taste. Kaffir lime loves heat and sun, demand regular watering once a week in summer and slightly less from October but do not like to have a lot of water around the roots.
100 cm +
well drained, neutral to lightly acid
fruit tree, fragrant flower
20 s/p