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SimplySalad Storm Mix


Brassica oleracea sabauda
Health in a pot. The first all-kale SimplySalad includes an attractive mix of textures and colours including purple, green and blue. This mix will last longer in containers than lettuce and won’t bolt. Storm Mix can also be planted in the ground for all-season harvest.
purple, green and blue
30-45 cm
IN CONTAINERS Sow in 20 cm or more containers after any risk of frost. Fast growth at cool temperatures. For an autumn harvest, sow again in mid-August. IN THE GARDEN Sow early spring or in June or in July at a depth of 6 mm, spaced at 2,5 cm in a soil with a 6,5 pH content. Fast growth at cool temperatures. To avoid disease, do not plant in an area where cruciferous vegetables were grown within the last two (2) years. HARVEST For more tender leaves, cut at a 30 cm height. USAGE Tender leaves are ideal in salads or in juices. More mature leaves are used in soups and sautés.
10 s/p
beet, celery, potato, thyme, sage
garlic, chives, strawberries, tomatoes