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Traviata F1

Traviata F1


Solanum melongena
A vigorous, without thorn, plant producing fruits of uniform size throughout the season. Good productivity.
Dark purple
20 x 11
Elongated Oval
CULTURAL PRACTICES: Eggplant is grown like tomato plants. Start indoors, then transplant in the garden 6 to 8 weeks later. Germination is slow, can take up to 3 weeks, and warm temperatures (24? C) are needed. Seedlings should be hardened off, though not below a temperature of 15? C. In the garden, space the plants 61 cm apart, in rows that are 80 cm apart, in warm, rich soil. The best tasting fruit is obtained by picking it before the seeds inside are fully grown.
20 s/p
bean, borage, parsley, pea, tarragon, thyme
okra, potato, tomato