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Browse through the W.H. PERRON CATALOG and discover our new products: annual, biennial and perennial flower seeds; our impressive vegetable section; essential herbs; our very popular sprouts and shoots; All-America and Fleuroselect winners; spectacular newcomers; our organic choices; the favorites of the heritage collection; small fruits and an array of useful gardening accessories. Get it for free !


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W. H. Perron gift card are available all year long.

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W.H. Perron is a proud associate of the TechnoLAB of Urban Agriculture of the ITA. We are happy to contribute to the rise of urban gardening and to offer you specially created varieties.
To make the perfect choices, visit our URBAN GARDENERS section 

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Are you a member of a horticultural organization or society? Obtain 10% discount on all your purchases at W.H. Perron.

To get your discount, you must satisfy the two (2) following requirements:
1. You must be a valid member of a horticultural society or organization.
2. In turn, your horticultural society or organization must be a valid member of the Ontario Horticultural Association (OHA) or the " Fédération des sociétés d'horticulture et d'écologie du Québec (FSHEQ)". Ask for your «code» number to the director (or responsible person) of the organization for which you are a member.

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